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Gabrielle, 20, French Canadian

This is a multifandom blog that consists of mostly SHINee and EXO. Key is my ultimate bias. ~

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Hey guys :)

This is extremely late but I’ve finally decided to write Chen a message for the MCM thingy and I’d be super thankful if you could ‘like’ my message right here :D

Oh and maybe vote for my friend Claire (chanplanet) too while you’re at it? ^^ Thanks a million! And don’t hesitate to ask for my vote too! <3



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taemin | 괴도 danger mv → blond hair

face, face, visual

Title: Picasso
Artist: SHINee
Played: 29556 times

[Full] Picasso - SHINee

taemin’s 1st win ㅠㅠ ♡

Birthday Countdown [four days] >> can't get you out of my head.


Happy Birthday Kibum!

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